Friday, 14 March 2008

Store Cards Now Available at Wild Thing!

I have just finished installing the TMC store card system at Wild Thing, on the British Isles sim.

Wild Thing new releases come in multiple layers, for this reason I mark them as modify and copy only. The addition of the TMC store card system will enable customers to gift non-transferrable items to their friends and relatives in a hassle free manner. I feel the money and time I have invested in this upgrade will benefit both myself and my customers long term. :)

The store cards
come in 200L$, 500L$, 1000L$ and 2000L$. I have also decided to discount the price of buying the larger store cards. They are sold for 200L$, 475L$, 900L$ and 1750L$ respectivly. These prices will be available indefinitely.

Store cards are sold in the 2 vendors at the Wild Thing main store. SLURL below.

Wild Thing - Male Clothing SLURL

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Mary said...

This is cool. I'll get mine now.

The Wild Ones