Friday, 24 August 2007

New Casual Clothing

Almost Newly released dungarees, polo t-shirts, stripe t-shirts check shirts and rolled up jeans.
T-shirts and rolled up jeans are available in 12 colours, shirts in 6. Dungarees are available in new, worn, blood stained and paint splashed, in 4 colours.
Singles, mega packs and 4 packs are all available at Wild Thing - Male Clothing.

First Post!

Just a quick word about Wild Thing my Second Life store and this blog.

Around April last year I started making male clothing for my friends, then soon after I opened Wild Thing. I vowed even then with my small 512 shop I would make only male clothing. I found it more interesting and my male friends always moaned at the lack in clothing for them.
Back to the present Wild Thing is still a male only clothing store and my friends moan less, as of the many wonderful male clothing now found across the grid.
I have only recently discovered the wonders of the blogging world that Second Life has to offer and I'm hooked.
My blog will cover new releases for my shop and that's about all. I'll not be rambling on like this very often rest assured :)

Thank you for reading and happy Second Life shopping.