Sunday, 31 May 2009

Battle Of The Sexes Trivia Tonight

Sunday May 31st, 3PM - 5PM: Battle of the Sexes Trivia & 60's - 90's tunes by DJ Saressa Zadeh.

To Celebrate the opening of the new Wild Thing Male Clothing store we are hosting a mammoth event tonight with prizes and L$ up for grabs throughout this 2 hour fun filled event.
There are 30 trivia questions, so are the guys or are the girls best at trivia??? Come and find out. Battle of the Sexes.. the team with the most points at the end of the contest will win everyone present of their gender a L$250 gift card to be redeemed in Wild Thing, Cherry Fall Designs or PRIMal Productions.

There will also be 2 best dressed contests, one for each sex with each winner receiving L$500.

Come and join in the fun tonight. Direct SLURL below.

British Isles - Battle Of The Sexes Event - SLURL

Friday, 15 May 2009

New Stuff @ Wild Thing - Male Clothing

It has been a while since our last release mainly as real life has taken over. The Wild Thing store has had a total re-make, long overdue after the last and our first 3 years.

Released today are new denim shorts in 8 colours, and layered t-shirts in 10. Released in Modify and Transfer permissions.
Both of the layered t-shirts are on the same layer/texture. (provided as Jacket and T-Shirt)

All new items available now in the New section of Wild Thing main store.

Wild Thing - Male Clothing Link